To alleviate poverty through long term sustainable solutions

Our team

Team careStation is a group of young dynamic individuals who took it upon themselves to walk the talk. We come from diverse multicultural socio economic backgrounds. We believe this unity in diversity is our strength. This strong bond has enabled us to be sensitive towards the needs of others and serve a greater purpose in life.

We are volunteers. We serve CareStation in different capacities. We contribute our time, energy, expertise and passion towards a better tomorrow for our fellow Sri Lankans.  As individuals and as an organization, our aim is clear and uncomplicated. We make every effort to put a smile on the face of someone in need.  And that smile is our reward and it is what keeps us going. We are in it for the smiles!

What we do

CareStation is a Non-profit, Non-Political, Non-religious organization which works towards improving the quality of life of the underprivileged and the deserving. We are constantly striving to uplift their standard of life.

Our help and support extends to several areas which includes and is not limited to health and nutrition, education, support and guidance for low income families, support with building homes, sanitation and water supplies, help with business start ups and we reach out to underfunded schools as well.

If you know any individual, family or organization such as an elders home or orphanage contact us and we will follow through. Our experience, expertise, empathy and eye for detail enables us to provide care and support to those who need it in a clear and transparent manner. And we take utmost pride in it.  


The document contains some of the highlights of few projects that we have completed in the past.