CS043 - Nathan

Categories : Livelihood, Education

Project CS043 
This is the extraordinary story of Nathan, father of 2, hardworking family man.  
Tragedy struck 4 years ago in the form of an electrical accident at his former workplace with zero compensation. Today, having both his legs amputated; Nathan's movement is restricted to prosthetic limbs. Despite his overwhelming odds, Nathan works two jobs a day to sustain his family.
In the morning Nathan earns by doing sewing work and in the afternoon they provide home-prepared snacks for the passerby, on the roadside, in a cart. But ever rising expenses are a big challenge for them.
At CareStation, we have implemented a 4-part proposal, to uplift this deserving family:
1. Empower: Nathan's self-employment:  Rs.15,000
2. Support: Children's education:  Rs. 25,000
3. Shelter: Part key money for home rent -  Rs. 30,000
4. Care: Nathan's Health:  Rs. 10,000
You can contribute any small amount for the above because your kindness can make a difference to their lives. We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone.
  • Raw material provided for self employment
  • 2018 Food For need pack provided (Ramadan Drive)
CS043 - Nathan