CS037- paying tuition fees

A widowed mother of two girls 19 & 15 respectively. Her husband who was a low budget seller passed away 9 months ago.


The two daughters are extraordinary in studies.Both have obtained only 1st rank from their primary to upto now. The elder daughter has done O Levels in 2014 and got 8A and 1 B(English).She has Started her A/L in Bio stream but in their school, science students had to pay RS.5000 per month for tuition. so she found It hard to continue and changed to Arts stream because of the financial difficulties.loss of the breadwinner of the family just 4 months before the exams shocked them psychologically and she had to undergo counselling and medication. hence she could only get A B C for A/L 2017.Currently she's studying for the second time while following an English course.

The younger girl is in her 10th Grade and performing superb just like the elder sister.


How we helped:

Found a monthly sponsor to provide financial assistance for their education.