CS024- providing of Self Employment

Categories : Livelihood

The details of the family: Name: Mr.Badur. 4 kids: 19,11,17,6

Badur earns a living as a roadside vendor , he sells children's clothing by the pavement. He doesn't have the ability to maintain sufficient stock, so he's unable to do a profitable business.. his primary problem was having to rent a house,that comes at the price of Rs.10,000/= per month.. Including the requirement to pay advance for one year. So he was in need of Rs.120,000 but was unable to raise such a large amount of money..They were asked to leave their current home in 10 days..


How we helped

With the help of a charitable group we secured Rs. 84,000 for one year of rent of a new house for him plus we bought inventory worth Rs. 40,000 for his current running business as a sustainable solution.