CP006- Shanika Scholarship

Categories : Education

Profile: Shanika lost both her parents during the Tsunami in 2004. She has since then been living with relatives, walking in and out of the psych wards in local hospitals, treating her for psychological trauma. Going through all of this, she has had the willpower to study hard and has achieved 9As in the GCE Ordinary levels.

She is currently living with a relative's place in Matara and has started to go for Classes hoping to sit for her Advanced Level 2017. The relative she is staying with has a small house, 2 bedrooms, for their family with 2 kids and herself. She is unable to concentrate and study for her exams.

Shanika has found a boarding nearby for the next 10 months until she finishes her exam. Hostel fee is Rs. 8500/= month
We can ensure that we pay the hostel fee directly to the hostel from the donor, Sayurangi needs your help

Documents: Letter from Grama Sevaka attesting to her situation, Copy of her OL exam certificate

CP006- Shanika Scholarship