CP005 (K) Scholarship

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An 18 year old girl whose mother is works as a domestic helper and father a salesman has been selected to Colombo university.

DISTRICT RANK 12. passed out : year 2015 batch A Level Student of Zahira College Gampola
selected Candidate of Law Faculty of University of Colombo Arts Stream, A level results: Common Gen. Test(070), General English (C) , Geography (A), Logic and Scientific Method(A), Tamil(A)

This intelligent and hardworking students plight is very frustrating as. All the effort she has put out and the achievements she has received would not be recognized if she fails in getting financial aid to help her through university and hostel facilities.


How we helped:

The monthly payment for her hostel which is the cost of LKR 7000. This is needed as her new semester begins in November and she has to shift immediately.
2 Sponsors from Colombo will be providing her hostel fees until she finishes University



CP005 (K) Scholarship
CP005 (K) Scholarship