CP003- Orphan Girl

Categories : Education

Address: Wellampitiya, Number of members in the Family: 6 + 1 child.

The 18 year old second daughter is the Main bread-winner of this family and earns for the family fixing slippers for Rs. 2.50 each. She works throughout the day make sure her family has food to eat and have enough to pay rent for her small house. She has dropped out from School at 13 years and since then taken over this responsibility. They sometimes get a whole load of slippers to fix and some months have nothing.
Aside from looking after her mother, grandmother and younger brother she has taken responsibility of her sister and 2 year old niece, left under her care after the husband left them to fend for themselves.
The older sister Helps out in a montessori closeby and gets a small salary from which she spends for her daughter. The 17 year old brother has dropped out of school at 13 years and have since been working in shops to earn for the family. Currently Looking for a new job

The family is living in a small house paying 10,000 rupees rent. They have to leave the house in april. The 18 year old girl is panicking that they cannot afford key money for a new house and will have no place to go.

How we helped?
- Sponsoring for sewing course
- Settling her loans